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Media Monitoring versus Database Service

CLIP Mediaservice offers tailor-made media monitoring to order. Access to articles and media reports is achieved through newspaper archives and databases, such as the APA DeFacto search engine or the APA Online Manager (AOM).

As we are asked about this frequently, we would like to address the main differences between commissioned media monitoring and database access.


Start of media monitoring or start of access

Because access to a database must only be enabled, contents of the database …

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Professional Media Monitoring vs. Google Alerts


At CLIP Mediaservice we offer monitoring services for print, radio & TV and social media as well as editorial online monitoring. Search results are found using a custom-programmed search engine and sent out to our customers daily – or, upon request, as a news alert.

There are several ways to get online editorial coverage. On the one hand you can read the most important daily newspapers yourself or subscribe to their websites via RSS feed. One of the most popular known tools is Google Alerts. This free tool from Google allows …

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Why CLIP customers do not have to worry about licenses


CLIP Mediaservice is one of the largest media monitoring companies in Austria and as a member of the FIBEP (Federation Internationale des Bureaux d’Extraits de Presse) it is part of an international network of media observers. Through this membership we have committed ourselves to protect national and international copyright. CLIP Mediaservice was a pioneer of licensing Austrian print media and assures each of its clients’ legal certainty …

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Media Monitoring and Analysis

Digital in 2018

CLIP Mediaservice is considered one of the largest and most modern media monitoring companies in Austria. As such, we comb through the Austrian media landscape on a daily basis, such as print media, online media, social media, as well as information programs from radio and TV, according to your desired search terms. No matter whether you want to observe your own company, the market or developments and trends, media monitoring helps you stay up to date with the latest information. This is supported both by a daily express delivery of all found …

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