Clip Mediaservice receives Certificate for Measurement and Evaluation

Zertifikat für Measurement und Evaluation der AMEC

The CLIP analysis team led by Christina Hagenauer has partaken in certification through the International Association for Measurement and Evaluation of Communication (AMEC) and received the International Certificate in Measurement and Evaluation. In addition to being a member of the AMEC, CLIP Mediaservice is also the only company in Austria with this internationally recognized certificate for measurement and evaluation of the AMEC.


What does the AMEC do?

AMEC is the world’s largest organization of experts on media evaluation and communication, which currently has 160 members from 86 countries worldwide. AMEC operates internationally and forms working groups from different countries to collectively work on new initiatives on the subjects of media evaluation and communication research. In this field, the AMEC logo is considered an international sign of quality. Tasks of AMEC have included the development of the Barcelona Principles, the Barcelona Principles 2.0 and, most recently, the introduction of the AMEC Integrated Evaluation Framework.


What is the use of the Certificate for Measurement and Evaluation?

The measurement and evaluation of PR measures is an increasingly important topic among PR professionals. Clients and corporate management increasingly demand proof of efficiency and effectiveness of PR measures. For years, CLIP Mediaservice has been working hand-in-hand with PR professionals to enable quantitative performance reviews by means of media monitoring. An increasing amount of PR professionals opt for a qualitative performance review, which is made possible by means of media analysis. For CLIP Mediaservice the objective of taking part in the certification process for measurement and evaluation at AMEC was to offer its clients, especially those of the PR industry, qualified advice on the subject of success monitoring of PR campaigns. The certification process of the AMEC not only conveys the theoretical and practical framework for measuring and evaluating PR measures in traditional media and social media, it also teaches participants to identify suitable objectives for PR campaigns.


Evaluating a PR campaign of the Jane Goodall Institute Austria

Christina Hagenauer was able to provide helpful support to the Jane Goodall Institute Austria, a nonprofit organization committed to the survival of our closest relatives, the chimpanzees, with her concluding thesis of the certification process, which evaluated the employed PR measures. Through this project objectives for the next PR campaigns are envisaged, in order to enable an efficient success monitoring.

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