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Media Monitoring

7 tips for successful Media Monitoring

As a service provider for media monitoring and media analysis, we see it as our task to provide our customers with a complete and efficient monitoring of the media coverage.

Our team consists of experienced editors who individually read all the articles and review all information programs from the Austrian radio and TV. To complete the media monitoring package, online media and social media are searched in one language by a specially programmed crawler for the search terms of our clients.

Should a search term – whether it be a keyword, a general topic, a person, a company or even a logo – appear in an article or program, it will be digitized and included in the corresponding press review. Our customers will then have the opportunity to access their personal press reviews, containing the articles and programs, at any time.

However, the efficiency of media monitoring is determined when creating the request, which means that the customer must be aware of which information is to be gained through the means of media monitoring. Only upon clarification of this question, the suitable search terms and relevant media for the monitoring can be determined. In addition, a media monitoring order must be maintained to obtain valid results.

For achieving the best possible results with your media monitoring, we have summarized the 7 most important tips for you.

Consider what you want to learn through media monitoring

The first question you should be asking yourself is clearly: What information should be gained through media monitoring? Do you want to see if and how often your own company is mentioned in the media, and / or do you want to be kept up-to-date on trends and developments in your industry? The search terms and types of media for your media monitoring will be chosen in accordance to your answer to this question.

Commission your media monitoring timely

Every media monitoring company needs a short lead time before the actual media monitoring can start, as the editors need to familiarize themselves with the new search terms. Keep this in mind and allow for a buffer of at least two days when requesting changes to your existing order.

Let your account manager give you advice

Most media monitoring companies have years of experience. Let your account manager advise you and benefit from this experience. He / she can assist you selecting the search terms in advance.

Carefully select your media monitoring package

Most media monitoring companies not only offer print media monitoring, but also carry radio, TV, online media and social media in their product portfolio. Think about which of these channels are relevant to you and your industry.

Add your media observer to your press distribution list

Always send press releases to your media watcher. This helps the editors keep an eye on your search terms and can improve the efficiency of your media observation.

Keep your search terms up to date

be sure to regularly Check the list of your search terms. Are all relevant keywords and topics covered by your media monitoring? Should your company launch a new product, host an event, or launch a new campaign, it should be included in your list of keywords.

Assess your press review through media analysis

An analysis of your press review completes your media observation by providing additional information. For instance, a media resonance analysis shows whether the media coverage of your company, person or product is generally more positive, more negative or neutral. With this knowledge, you can counteract crises and take advantage of opportunities.

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